SEX can be a healing experience .. where we get to uncover our selves, open more to love and allow our beloved to go past our old walls of wounds. 

I was so afraid of what it would be like to tell a lover that I was previously wounded and was looking for a partner that would and could be with me in a loving healing way.  Yet I knew in my hearts of heart that I needed and deserved this life. 


I knew that there was only so much healing I could do by myself or with a practitioner.  It was about now being with a beloved that the work was going to show up and that the path was only going to go that far until I walked down that scary lane with the partner.  


I find it a beautiful practice to receive love and nurturing from my partner in a deeper way than I have ever allowed myself to receive before. 


You can have an amazing sex life and have some of your sexual experience with your beloved be intention with healing your old wounds....

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