OCT 1. - 2 Hour Free Workshop 

Finding Bliss Tantra Workshop focuses on being Present in the moment, finding that sexual energy and working with a Sacred intention. That life-force energy within can transform your sense of who you are, expanding beyond old perspectives into a new way of relating to your sexuality. Discussing and practicing theses powerful tantric yoga techniques, you reach a greater awakened flow of soul, mind, body and sexuality in your life.

Connect the Pathways of the Heart, Sexual Energy and Mind. - Living both with passion and self respect.

Learning to Honor and Speak your Truth - Connecting to your truth and learn how to share it.

Awaken to your Ecstatic Nature - Feel the Power that is always in you.

Tap into your Life-force and Creativity - Connect to your desire, fire and passion for life.

Explore yourself in a new way and come into greater connection with your sacred and sexuality self.

Celebrate your life with connection, aliveness and finding your inner fire. You’ll be finding your own connection and the workshop is on sharing our own experiences from within. The vibe is accepting & playful with a mix of Sacred. Tantric Sexual practices are talked about but there is no explicit sexual activity at this event. Be prepared to move your body.



Lily Lucia is the Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Goddess an Empowerment + TANTRA Co. Unstoppable Goddess Co will guide you to unleash your limitless unstoppable capacity as you become inely empowered and Sacredly connected to your Sexuality. We're all about mentoring women to rise as you release trauma to reclaim the unstoppable goddess you've been born to be. The method is a process of rebirth and awakening.


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