Spiritual Sexuality Femme 101 Course


Ready to learn the path of mixing Spirituality & Sexuality together?  I know what it's like to have no idea what that would even look like or how to practice it. My heart and soul use to yearn for something deeper, more fulfilling and had me living in my full feminine sacred sexy love fill self. I just knew there was a way that woven together that was make me radiate in love and have really beautiful intimate experiences.  This course is a full on no joke all I can give you to start a really beautiful and amazing path of sacred sexuality. 

 This is an intense 5 week online course about being a sacred sexual sensual female.  We dive into subjects from Tantra solo and partner practices, to your own history, kundalini, breast massage and so much more.   This is a course to lay a foundation to open your own practice, understanding and awakening to merging sexuality with spirituality.  This is all of what you need to begin to have a sacred sexual life. 12 years ago I was searching for how to mix spirituality with sexuality this course is what I know is the most comprehensive program to learn about creating sexuality into  sacred practice. 

 Ready to learn how to mix spirituality with sexuality?  To live in a way where you sexual life is fulfilling, healing and you get to really love the way you are in your sexual life, this is the course for you! 




~ Grounding into YOU. It all happens within and  we need to first make connection back with yourself which is the first step of any tantra practice.   We dive straight into what you feel within, what you're yearning to feel.  The history of Tantra and lay the foundation for deep inner exploration.  There is a self love practice like no other you have done before.  We begin to learn the basics of meditation and the first few steps of awakening to this energy on your own. Do you feel reverence for yourself and how to begin living more embodied in your Energy.  Shakti Energy in the body and intimacy with self. 

~ Setting the space to meet yourself Intimately 

~ Past history 

~ Opening to Vulnerability 

~ Grounding into yourself 

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~ Femme Energetics of the Body.  The way that femme energy flows through our bodies.  We have sacred connect to the breasts, the pelvic floor class, the womb, the ovaries and spend time playing with these different sacred ways of looking at the way that energy is flowing through our body.  We go over Kundalini, the chakras, the 13 gates of Shakti, and few more different ways to play with how femme energy can flow in your body.  This is going to awaken you to your own connection to your own sacred sexual self. 

~ Kundalini

~ 13 Gatesways of Shakti

~ Shakti/Shiva

~ Breasts

~ Womb

~ Chakras

We will learning and exploring with these all week allowing use to feel the difference as we practice different ways of opening the energy.  We will be going going through the masculine energetics too. 

Sacred Sexual Tantra Sex Beginning 

WEEK 3/4

Tantric Orgasms for Women, Valley and Peak Orgasms, The different ways to make sex into a sacred practice.  Yab Yum position, the masculine body, sacred space, the energetics of sex, the first layer of tantra and how to turn your sex into something deeper.  We look at how to make sex a healing practice and ways that we can begin to intentionally heal with our partner.  We will being going through a lot in these two weeks. From beginning practices to more advanced.

~ Eye gazing 

~ Communication 

~ YabYum 

~ Sacred Space 

~ Heart Breathing 

~ Space/Matter 

~ Different ways of orgasming 

~ Orgamsmic vs Orgasm 

~ Tantra embraces it all 

~ How to heal through touch 


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How to keep practicing, the sacred lifestyle and what to do as I know this is a life long practice.  How does Tantra show up in your daily life and what to keep open in the long term of the exploration of this.  What ways can you keep connecting to yourself in so that you choice sacredness, be bold in your life and stand for what you want.  We sit in the heart and ask where we can been receiving less than what we deserve. 


This course is going to be intense, full on and full information to awaken your Spiritual Sexual side for years and years to come. 

You will have access to this for lifetime and can review any of the material at anytime!  We will have a Facebook group to discuss this and create a sacred sisterhood to explore this together. 

Sexuality is spiritual in its nature and it's time we have that sacred connection once again. 


~ There will be a weekly live video class where I will teach and it will be recored as well so you watch is later or again.  This will be like coming to a live event in experiencing the material with me in real time. 

~ All materials will live in a Membership site that once we've gone through the program you will always have access to the information.  

~ There will be a Facebook group for us to bond, chat and talk about what's showing up for everyone. 

~ The material is both video and written as we will be doing a lot of physical movements.

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